29.50 eur/m2 pasting paper

32.90 eur/m2 self-adhesive paper


Wall murals.

Select your favourite colour from our range.

Can’t find what you are looking for? You can request other colours, please write to us at info@kissandnana.com

All our products are printed to order, therefore we do not accept returns.

Available sizes and prices



400×300 cm 395€

365×260 cm 312€.


Pasting paper:

400×300 cm 354€

365×260 cm 280€


We always try to adapt to your needs, check other sizes at info@kissandnana.com

Self-adhesive paper

Pasting paper

We recommend the use of environmentally friendly glues such as 100% methyl cellulose glues for the installation of pasting paper.